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In any student’s life, the place of an alma mater is always a very special one – more so that of a school that one has been part of for more than a decade or so. It is both with a sense of humility as well as pride that we at Wylie remember all the students that have passed out of Wylie and made such successful careers for themselves in their chosen fields.

What has always kept the bond alive is the close association that the school has always striven to forge and sustain over the last so many years. And it with a sense of both wonder and amazement when so many illustrious alumnus never forget to keep in touch with us; always updating us with developments in their lives, families and careers.

Yes, the Wylie Group is indeed proud to have more than 10000 students as its extended family – one which is responsible for bringing Wylie to the position of pre-eminence that it has built for itself over the years and enjoys being part of.

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