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Wylie: The Differentiation Value

It is with this background and context that both Wylie World as well as Wylie Memorial High Schools have been set up. More than merely ‘teaching’ a child as part of a typical educational framework that focuses on completing subject related syllabi, here the emphasis and focus is solely on the student’s ability to learn – of the student’s ability to grasp and understand……of being able to imbibe in real life whatever has been taught……of being able to question and evaluate the intrinsic merit of the lesson… of being able to educate oneself through the process of learning in a pragmatic and simple manner.

For us at Wylie, it is the learning framework which is paramount in disseminating the educating process… learning that will help make a child become confident, self reliant and hungry to learn more. Our entire teaching methodology as well as the academic framework and environment is totally geared up to enhance the entire learning process for the child.

So if you want to give this same perspective and orientation to your child, do visit us at Wylie High at your convenience and we shall be delighted to meet you and share with you our experiences that we believe will go a long way in enriching your child’s academic endeavors on an ongoing basis.

Welcome to the world of Wylie Group of schools….