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Dear Parents,

It gives me great pleasure to formally invite you to visit us at Wylie and get to know more about us, our ethos and culture, academic framework and unique teaching and learning framework that I believe will prove to be just the right approach in educating your wards and helping develop them to be mature and responsible citizens in society in the immediate future.

Wylie has been set with a simple yet powerful mission – to help develop a child in making him imbibe the all important universal truth of acting, reacting, behaving in a pure manner, be it in thought, word or deed. The formative years spent in school in a child’s education are the most critical for the overall growth, development and maturity of the child and we recognize this axiomatic belief only too well. In light of this, our entire focus is directed solely towards the development of the child through a unique learning focus rather than the standard uni-dimensional and single minded approach of teaching.

The learning focus and approach is universally and mandatorily followed by all teachers at Wylie – where the accent is simply to have the child challenge and ask anything that doesn’t make sense to him… and only after the has understood/grasped the academic belief is the teaching process allowed to continue. The child being the focus, it is the child that gets breaks between classes to once again allow mental respite and start afresh for the next session rather than continue class after class, thereby reducing absorption and understanding powers of the child.

We do our utmost in making the child feel comfortable in class, be it with his own class mates or equally importantly with the teachers themselves. It is this single-mindedness that helps develop self confidence in the child, thereby preparing him to pursue his classes with enhanced zeal and passion.

The Wylie Memorial High School is over 50 years and it is our constant endeavour to raise it to new standards. Rest be assured, the passion, the core values, the essence is going to be assiduously followed in the years to come in the same manner as we have done for the last 50+ years.

I look forward to meeting you in person at the earliest and sharing our vision with you and am confident that we can partner together to jointly give the best education and educational values to your ward in the years to come.

Thanking You

Sunil Pillay