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Founder Profile

Our Founder- Principal, Miss Mary Mathai (M.Ed.) Miss Mary Mathai was born in a small township of Kottayam District in the southern state of Kerala. After her initial schooling at Kottayam in a school run by Miss Baker, a British Missionary from whom she drew great inspiration, Miss Mathai went for her higher studies to Madras where she graduated from the Women's Christian College (WCC). Her teacher's training was at the Queen Mary's College Madras.

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's speeches in Southern India urging educated men and women to move to the North to help spread education, Miss Mathai left her home state of Kerala to join the Punjab Education Service from where she eventually retired after distinguished service. Here she came into contact with members of the Wylie family.

The Wylie Lineage

The Wylies’ were a family of Missionaries and Educationalists who had devoted their lives to the spread of the Gospel and of Education. Of the eight siblings, none married, as they feared that marriage and subsequent obligations would deter them in their chosen path of selfless service.

Wylie School: A 50+ year old Institution

In 1961, the Wylie Memorial High School initiated its humble origins with its first batch of fourteen students. Today we are both proud and privileged to be carrying on the legacy of our founder in addition to having set up a world-class infrastructure.