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The Context Defined

To increase awareness among the pupils of "real worlds" beyond the limits of Ludhiana, Wylie follows an active policy on linking with schools in other countries. This aids not only in increasing the pupil's knowledge, particularly of English amongst other curricula, but also familiarizes about other peoples and cultures across countries.

Mission / Goal

We at Wylie have for long believed in the theory of One World.

One of the roles of teachers and parents is to educate young people for citizenship, not only Indian, but of the world. We want them to be able to move successfully from one country to another, to feel at ease in differently organized societies, to be friendly, courteous, and assured to overcome cultural and language barriers. Conquering fears of the unknown and enjoying the experience leads to increased self-awareness, self-confidence and maturity in young people.

Our International Linkages / Partnerships

The students and staff at Wylie have many active links with schools in the UK. Primary level children at Wylie are in contact with children their own age at Primary Schools in Scotland, England and Wales. Understanding is brought about by their being encouraged to write to each other, both through e-mail and more conventional forms of letter writing. This undoubtedly brings about a sharing of information about their lifestyles and also enhances their skills in communication, writing and IT.

Students at the Middle School level are working on curriculum based projects with counterparts in different schools which again, not only lead to better understanding between two diverse peoples, but also bring the curriculum alive. Again, skills in key areas of communication, writing and IT are enhanced.

Students at High School level, and higher, go on exchange visits to partner schools which bring them in direct contact with peoples of cultures vastly different from ours. This leads to improvement in interpersonal relationship building skills in addition to enhancement of communication skills.

In addition to student interactions, we at Wylie encourage and participate in teacher exchanges. We have enjoyed exchanges of teachers with schools in Scotland and England which have led to many innovative changes to how we tackle the teaching-learning process. Wylie Memorial High School is proud to be a part of the Transcontinental Group which is linking schools in India, Kenya and the United Kingdom.