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Applicant's Relationships
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  Please enter information for siblings of the applicant who are neither currently enrolled at Wylie Memorial High School, nor Wylie World School alumni.
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Short Answers
Why have you chosen to apply to Wylie Memorial High School?
Please list the applicant's allergies/symptoms, if any?
Has your child received any counseling, psychiatric support, or testing for Learning Disabilities?
Special aptitude
Have you noticed any recent behavioral differences in your child at school or at home? If so, please explain.
Has the applicant ever been suspended from school?
If so, why?
Has the applicant ever been expelled from school?
If so, why?
Has you child ever been retained in any grade?
If so, which grade?
Has the applicant ever received academic assistance/tutoring besides school?
If so, which subject(s)?
Has the applicant ever received English as a Second Language assistance?
Other Information
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Please feel free to include any information about your family that you think is important for us to know. Parents: Please note the number of days that you lived outside of India last year.
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